Jules Agostini in Cambodia

by Jules Agostini

Cambodia in the 1890s, as seen by colonial engineer and amateur photographer Jules Agostini


Author: Jules Agostini

The blog Kampot La Prospere has started to collect Jules Agostini's photographs in Cambodia from the online fund gallica.bnf.fr . See here and here.

Agostini was focusing more on the daily life of local people, and on social events involving personalities from the colonial administration.

In 2015, a rare photo of famous painter Paul Gauguin and some of his Tahitian female models was discovered in his personal archives. The traveler had stayed at the painter's house in Moorea with another photographer, Henri Lemasson.

AEFEK (Association d'études et de formation pour les études khmères) has published a collection of Jules Agostini's photographs from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France electronic fund (Gallica.bnf.fr), see here.

Sources: gallica.bnf.fr , Kampot La Prospere, AEFEK

Tags: 1890s, Cambodia daily life

About the Photographer


Jules Agostini

Colonial engineer and amateur photographer Jules Agostini (1859-1930) has traveled extensively in the Far East, including Cambodia. His fame as a photographer came to the headlines when unknown photos of French painter Paul Gaugin and some of his Tahitian models were discovered in one of his photo-albums in 2015. Agostini had stayed at Gauguin's house in Tahiti with another photographer, Henri Lemasson.