by La Mo, 2019

Visions of Angkor by...Therese Le Prat

by Thérese Le Prat

Young and confirmed photographers, past and present works...Our photographic forum.

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New on Angkor Database


AngkorDatabase and Archimages Cambodia started a fruitful collaboration aimed at making an impressive iconographic fund accessible to Angkor lovers.

view collections and AngkorDatabase are joining forces to bring to you the photo collections gathered by Kent Davis, founder.

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Devatas & Apsaras at Ta Som

by Kent Davis

An impressive collection of devatas and apsaras graces the small temple of Ta Som, north-east of Angkor Thom.

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SNAP! 150 Years of Photography at Angkor and around Cambodia


Impressive collection of period photos capturing Angkor Wat, as well as cultural and daily life through Cambodia history.

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Jules Agostini in Cambodia

by Jules Agostini

Cambodia in the 1890s, as seen by colonial engineer and amateur photographer Jules Agostini

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Amazing Cambodia

by Sokmean Srin

"An amazing way to connect to the past".

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The first Cambodian postage stamp ever

by Angkor Database
Angkor Wat in the background of the first Cambodian postage stamp, issued in 1952.
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Maurice Fievet, Visions of Ancient Angkor

by Maurice Fievet

Re-creation of Ancient Angkor by visionary artist and avid traveler Maurice Fievet (1921-1997)

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Anders Jiras and the Mystic of Dance

by Anders Jiras
For one decade now, Sweden-born photographer Anders Jiras explores all forms of Cambodian dancing, from the highly choreographed performances of...
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Reading Apsara

by Karuna Em
Professional photographer Em Karuna came up with the idea of a present-day apsara in a library, and it fitted our...
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Sacred Dancers of Angkor in Meak Bochhea celebration

by NKFC Cambodia
Within the Angkor Wat sanctum, the Bakan, dancers perform the New Moon ritual in January 2018,
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