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To See Angkor & Live, Angkor Database Photo Contest

by Angkor Database

Visiting Angkor and other Khmer temples is a life-changing experience. The place just vibrates with history, mysticism, a special relationship with Nature and outstanding human achievements. 

We'd love to share your visual moments and personal emotions while visiting this amazing architectural site. Photos showing that, centuries and millenia later, the spirit of Angkor is very much alive through your own experience

To enter the contest,

  • email us your favorite picture here
  • or post on social media with hashtags #templationsiemreap and #angkordatabasephotocontest

Details about photocontest (selection process, awards, etc) coming soon.

NB: We are committed to the Apsara Authority guidelines regarding respectful behavior on the Angkorian perimeter. 

Please also refrain from touching stonework and bas-reliefs, leaning on door or window frames, or stepping into cordoned-off areas.