Khmer Influence in Faraway Lands

Sketches and photographs from various temples found across what is now Laos and Thailand.
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Archimages collections of photographs and documents are posted on Angkor Database with their original label codes. 

If you wish to obtain high resolution files and/or professional prints for one or several of these images, please email Archimages here with the label code(s) in the Subject line, and your requirements (print format, shipping...). 

About the Author


In May 2019, AngkorDatabase and Archimages Cambodia started a fruitful collaboration aimed at making an impressive iconographic fund easily accessible to researchers and all Angkor lovers.

Since the 1990s, librarian-editor Jean-Jacques Donard and photographer Philippe Bataillard have been identifying, collecting, digitizing in high resolution and labeling some 40,000 iconographic documents around South East Asia. 

National archives, private collections, published yet hard-to-find art and history books, have been thoroughly reviewed and digitized with utmost care in order to keep the memory alive.

Archimages can deliver high-resolution and high-quality prints on request. Inquiries here.