Apsara National Authority

Portrait of Apsara National Authority

Apsara National Authority អាជ្ញាធរជាតិអប្សរា (ANA) is the official body in charge of the preservation of the Angkor Archaelogical Park, as well as the coordination of international research team in the fields of archaeology, ethnology and history.

Created by the Royal Decree of February 19th 1995, the Authority for the Protection and Safeguarding of Angkor and the Region of Angkor (its acronym being a reference to the celestial dancers) deals with: – Monuments, preservation, maintenance, restoration; – Management of the historic water system (barays, ponds, canals, rivers); – Tourism management and dialogue with the communities living among traditional villages in the site; – Research to enhance the cultural values of the site and its region, especially the cultural heritage of Siem Reap town; – Protection and conservation of forests within and around the site; – Training and capacity building.

During 25 years of activities, APSARA National Authority has changed the picture and permitted the gradual transfer of skills to Cambodians professionals, keeping active at the same time the field operations of the international cooperation. With almost 3,000 employees, it is the first employer of the region, under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

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