Aurélie Fischer

Portrait of Aurélie   Fischer

Aurélie Fischer (b. 1984, Mons, Belgium) is a freelance photographer based in Cambodia since 2020. After hearing the "call of the East" in the 2010s, she visited Angkor for the first time in 2014, spent some time as a volunteer in the experimental city of Auroville, India, and photographed the huge Hindu pilgrimage of Kumbh Melah, spending several hot days and freezing nights amongst the pilgrims, and falling under the spell of what she called its "divine anarchy".

Tiptoeing on the fickle frontier between the real and the immaterial, she developed augmented reality installations, the latest one, 'Contemplations', focusing on Angkor and hosted by Sra'Art Studio, Phnom Penh, in September 2022.


Artist with virtual reality goggles, Sept. 2022 (photo ADB)

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