Dorian Q. Fuller

Portrait of Dorian Q.  Fuller

An archaeologist and archaeobotanist with University College of London (UCL), Dorian Fuller (b. San Francisco) has worked widely in archaeobotany and archaeological field in Africa, the Middle East and across Asia. He is actively engaged in fieldwork projects in many parts of India (since 1997), China (since 2004), Sudan (since 1997), Turkey (since 2011), Iraqi Kurdistan (since 2014), as well as field projects in Thailand, Myanmar, Morocco, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Fuller’s fiedlwork focusses mostly on systematic archaeobotanical sampling of archaeological sites aimed to fill in some of the many regional and temporal gaps in direct evidence for past agriculture.

One major recent project has been the NERC-funded Early Rice Project (20092019), which has improved methods and evidence for the evolution and spread of rice agricultural systems throughout Asia, and how these have impacted social and environmental change. Another major project has been the ERC-funded Comparative Pathways to Agriculture Project” (20132018).