Edmond Henry-Biabaud

Portrait of Edmond   Henry-Biabaud

Edmond Jean Guy Henry-Biabaud, pen name Henry-Biabaud (7Jan 1913, Romorantin, France - 21 June 2006) was a French automobile engineer who visited Indochina in 1937 and 1938 due to 'the contengencies of his career', according to a short introduction to one of the many republications of his Deux ans en Indochine: Notes de voyages (1939).

While testing several Citroen motorcars on the roads developed by the French colonial administration across mainland Southeast Asia (and Michelin tyres), he gathered numerous insights on Cambodian, Vietnamese and Laotian realities. After War World II, he directed several R&D projects for André Citroen S.A., supervised new establishments of the automotive company,of which he served as general-secretary from 1970 to 1977.