Hsiao-chun Hung

Portrait of Hsiao-chun   Hung

Dr. Hung Hsiao-chun 洪曉純 is a Senior Research Fellow in archaeology and national history, School of Culture, History & Language, Australian National University (ANU).

She has extensively published (in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages) on prehistoric and historic agricultural and commercial trends in Southeast Asia and South China. In 2012, she was awarded the 12th Excellent Research Award of Philosophy and Science of Beijing City (with Prof. Zhang Chi of Peking University) for the publication of " The Emergence of Agriculture in Southern China".

In 2018, Dr. Hung coauthored a scientific paper maintaining that "although the possibility of native rice cultivation still cannot be rejected, increasingly mounting evidence supports the impression that rice-farming immigrants created significant cultural influences throughout South China, indicating a southward flow of rice farming from the Yangtze River Basin and further connections southward with the Austronesian and Austroasiatic language-speaking populations of Southeast Asia.'