Lele Huang

Portrait of Lele   Huang

Huang Lele (14 July 1988, Nanjing, China) is a visual artist and curator, and apost-doctoral researcher in Buddhist Art with Peking University, China.

She has particularly studied The Gender Transformation of Avalokitesvara in Sui Tang, A Parallel Study Between India and China (Univision Books, New Delhi, 2023).

As an artist and curator, she has collaborated with fellow creators such Raqs Media Collective, PFunkPFama, Shin Dowon, Sarojini, Huang Du, Horanggasimanu Creation Studio, etc...

Lele Huang's website about Guanarts, the studio she directs both in Jiangsu (China) and New Delhi (India).

Watch Lele Huang's conference organized by National Museum of Cambodia on Aug. 2, 2023.