Manomohan Ghosh

Portrait of Manomohan   Ghosh

Manomohan (or Manmohan) Ghosh is an Indian sanskritist, historian and literary translator who published the first complete English translation of the ancient Treatise on Performing Arts, the Natyashastra.

He is the author of numerous history books and translations, including Nandikeshwar's Abhinayadarpanam : A manual of gesture and posture used in Hindu dance and drama (Calcutta, 2d ed., 1957), Glimpses of sexual life in Nanda-Maurya India : translation of the Caturbhāṇī together with a critical edition of the text (Calcutta, 1975), A history of Cambodia from the earliest times to the end of the French Protectorate (J.K. Gupta, Saigon, 1960 - Calcutta, 1968), Contributions to the history of the Hindu drama : its origin, development and diffusion (Calcutta, 1958).

His article On the source of the Old-Javanese Ramayana kakawin is often quoted by scholars and researchers.