Mariko Shimoda

Portrait of Mariko   Shimoda

Mariko Shimoda しのだ まりこ is a doctoral candidate in Archaeology, Waseda University, Japan. Her research interests include Urban Archaeology, Architecture, Conservation of historical monuments, GIS Applications, Cambodian History, History of Maritime Trade.

She has worked in Angkor on several occasions, part of the Angkor Vihara Project on the construction period of Theravada Buddhist monasteries at Angkor Thom in the late 13 th -16 th Centuries.

Mariko has contributed to the paper 'Precise Visualization Method for Cultural Heritage: The Case of High-Resolution Read Relief Image Map Used for Study of Royal City of Angkor Thom, Cambodia' (with Tatsuro Chiba, Ichita Shimoda, Tsuyoshi Haraguchi, June 2016).