Meera Abraham

Portrait of Meera   Abraham

Meera Abraham (1929?- 16 Oct. 2014, Kadapra, Kerala, India) was an historian of Indian sea-faring merchant trade.

Married to Indian diplomat Thomas Abraham (1927-2018), himself an historian who served as High Commissioner in Sri Lanka from 1928 to 1982 and advocated for the Tamil minority rights, she resided in various countries, from USA to Russia to Singapore, researching historical sources in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Europe for her major publication, Two Medieval Merchant Guilds of South India (Manohar, New Delhi,1988), where she explored the activities of Manigramam and Ayyavole guild merchants.

Smt. Meera Abraham also authored Religion, caste, and gender: Missionaries and nursing history in South India (B.I. Publications, New Delhi, 1996). She was the secretary of the United Women's Forum, founded in 1975.