Michel Jacq-Hergoual'ch

Portrait of Michel   Jacq-Hergoual'ch

Michel Jacq-Hergoual'ch (1943, Brittany, France - 2014) was an historian and geographer who specialized in Indian and Indianized States of Southeast Asia studies, in particular the Khmer Empire and the Malay Peninsula, as well as ancient and modern history of Siam, and history of Art.

After studying under the guidance of Jean Boisselier and Madeleine Giteau, he was one of the first modern researchers who took interest in Khmer pagoda murals. In 2007, he bequeathed EFEO Photo Library his important photographic collection.

A former CNRS Research director, he explored Southeast Asian history, arts and culture in several publications, including Le Siam (Belles-Lettres, Paris, 2004). His 1979 book on L'armement et l'organisation de l'armée khmere aux XIIeme et XIII eme siecle has been translated into English as The Armies of Angkor: Military Structure and Weaponry of the Khmers (transl. Michel Smithies, Bangkok: Orchid Press, 2007).

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