Saito BAKU

Portrait of Saito   BAKU

BAKU Saito BAKU 斎藤 (b. 1948, Niigata Prefecture, Japan) is a photographer who has extensively covered Angkor temples in the 1990s.

After entering Osaka Art School in 1966, he started working at New Photo Studio in 1970, and studied under photographer Miyashita Akiyoshi. He Established STUDIO BAKU Inc. in 1985.

In 1995, BAKU Saito was sent to Angkor as a member of the Japanese Government Team for Safeguarding Angkor (JSA), launched one year earlier in order to contribute to the restoration and preservation of the site.

Among his publications:

Bayon-Temple of Mysterious Smiling Gods アンコールの神々, 1997: Shogakukan, Tokyo, 88 p., ISBN: 4096810118.

The Face Towers of Banteay Chmar 幻都パンティアイ・チュマールの神々, texts by Olivier Cunin, 2005: NOTO Printing, Tokyo, ISBN4-340-02710-3.


The Shine of Khmer Children (1994 - 2010), Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan, 2013.

from the Shine of Khmer Children exhibition (©Baku Saito)