Tao Babe

Portrait of Tao Babe

A USA-based Vietnamese blogger, independent researcher and gifted polymath, Tao Babe likes to share online astonishingly well-documented historic and metaphysical essays, wise considerations on her status of citizen of the world with a strong sense of identity, and an ongoing questioning of everything from physics quantics to Westernized Taoism to the latest trends in hair stylism.

While we found some serious resources on transcultural and multidisciplinary subjects regarding Southeast Asia on Taobabe's blog, one can also stumble upon such (apparently) mundane considerations: "I look around me at all those wonderful selfless Taoists who are willing to forgo all the physical wants, eat nothing more delectable than boiled cabbages and rice, put on a plain simple robe, climb a mountain, sit under a banyan tree, and meditate for years. I certainly could not do that. I would miss my hair stylist too much as she is a great conversationalist. And besides, my blonde hair would get dark roots! My nails would become ragged and unkempt!"

TaoBabe also goes by the name (Mei, meaning 'beautiful' in Chinese). Note that in Cambodia, many Khmer-Chinese girls favor the nickname Mei-Mei.