Thomas Mark Shelby

Portrait of Thomas Mark   Shelby

Thomas Mark Shelby (b. 2 Oct. 1970, Fairfield, Alabama, USA) is a cultural resources specialist with a doctorate from the School of Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

Specializing in the environmental and architectural issues in cultural sites preservation, he has studied the Architectural Chronology of Postclassic Maya Structures of Quintana Roo, Mexico, stressing that "the Postclassic architecture found in northeastern Quintana Roo represents the close of pre-hispanic Maya civilization, as these sites were occupied at the time of the Spanish Conquest, and thus from their descriptions we have the only outside accounts of Maya architecture."

From 1998 to 2002 Shelby oversaw a research project that conducted excavations and studied fragments (ca. 2000) of a stuccoed polychrome sculptural fa├žade from a palace building located in the N10-3 Plaza Complex, an elite administrative and residential area, at Lamanai, Belize.