Victor Lieberman

Portrait of Victor   Lieberman

Victor Lieberman is an American historian specializing in Southeast Asian History, particular Burma (Myanmar), the Marvin B. Becker Collegiate Professor of History and the Raoul Wallenberg Distinguished University Professor of History and Professor of Asian and Comparative History at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

His publications include Burmese Administrative Cycles: Anarchy and Conquest, c. 1580 1760 (1984, Princeton University Press, Harry J. Benda Prize from the Association for Asian Studies); Beyond Binary Histories: Re-imagining Eurasia towards 1830; Strange Parallels: Southeast Asia in Global Context, c. 800-1830, vol. 1: Integration on the Mainland (2010, Cambridge University Press, World History Association Book Prize); and Strange Parallels, vol. 2: Mainland Mirrors: Europe, Japan, China, South Asia, and the Islands (2011, Cambridge University Press).