W. Robert Moore

Portrait of W. Robert   Moore

William Robert Moore (15 Aug 1899, Butler, Michigan ‑22 March 1968, Washington, DC, USA) was a photographer and the chief of the foreign editorial staff at National Geographic during four decades. 

With a predilection for Asia, where he started to work in the early 1930s, he contributed to nearly 90 magazine articles in the famed publication, as a photographer or a writer. In 1960 (April, no. 117, vol. 4), he authored a feature article on Angkor, Angkor, Jewel of the Jungle, completed with original paintings by artist Maurice Fievet. Moore retired in 1967.



Royal Ballet dancers in Angkor, 1934, by W. Robert Moore


Kwangtung (Hong Kong) in 1932, by W. Robert Moore