Xavier Marmier

Portrait of Xavier   Marmier

Xavier Marmier (22 June 1808, Pontarlet, France – 12 October 1892, Paris) was a French author born in Pontarlier, in Doubs. He had a passion for travelling, and this he combined throughout his life with the production of literature. After journeying in Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, he was attached in 1835 to the Arctic expedition of the Recherché; and after a couple of years at Rennes as professor of foreign literature, he visited (1842) Russia, (1845) Syria, (1846) Algeria, (1848 – 1849) North America and South America, and numerous volumes from his pen were the result. n 1870 he was elected to the Academy (Seat 31), and he was for many years prominently identified with the Sainte-Geneviève library. He did much to encourage the study of Scandinavian literature in France, publishing translations of Holberg, Oehlenschlager and others. He died in Paris in 1892.