A History of Cambodia

by David P. Chandler

Language : English

2006 - 4th edition - 288 pages - Paperback Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 978-1741147636

More than forty years after its first publication, David Chandler's historical essay remains a reference thanks to its scope and clarity. Reflecting the trends in the 1970s school of history, it stresses economical and sociological factors, and obviously many new findings on the Angkor civilization were not available to the author, yet the book remains a must-read nowadays.

Now available at Angkor Database: the pdf version of David Chandler's book.

About the Author

David P. Chandler

David Porter Chandler (1933) is an American historian and academic regarded as one of the foremost western scholars of Cambodia's modern history. He currently resides in Australia, where he is an emeritus professor at Monash University as well as an adjunct professor of Asian Studies at Georgetown University.
Bibilography includes A History of Cambodia (1983), The Tragedy of Cambodian History (1991), Brother Number One (1992),
Facing the Cambodian Past (1996), Voices from S-21: Terror and History in Pol Pot's Secret Prison (1999).