Cambodian Buddhism, History & Practice

by Ian Harris


Type: paperback

Publisher: Silkworm Books

Edition: #56 at Angkor Database Library.

Author: Ian Harris

Pages: 352

ISBN: 9789749575963

Language : English

The era of the last Kings of Angkor is when Theravada Buddhism in its specific Cambodian form starts to develop.

To fully grasp the specificities of modern Cambodian Buddhism, the author goes back to the religious syncretism of Angkor dynasties, details the influences of local creeds and portrays the revival of Khmer Theravada Buddhism after the devastating attempts of eradication by the Khmer Rouge régime.

Tags: religion, Khmer culture, Buddhism

About the Author

Ian Harris 380

Ian Harris

Ian Harris is reader in Buddhist studies at University College of St. Martin, Lancaster, and associate fellow, Becket Institute, St. Hugh’s College, Oxford.