Children's Corner | ផ្នែកកុមារ

by Angkor Database

Languages : English, French, Khmer

2020 - Hardback

A selection of books for the younger Angkor visitors. 



  • The Sovannasam Cheadok (សុវណ្ណសាមជាតក), by Ly Daravuth & Ingrid Muan
  • Tales of the Hare (27 Classic Folktales from Cambodia), by Chhany Sak-Humphry
  • Cambodian Shop Signs, by Joel G. Montague 
  • If The Stones Could Speak (បើថ្មចេះវាចា), by Chhoun Tang 
  • មនុស្សនិងផ្នូរបុរាណ 
  • La Terre De Bouddha, by Pierre Rey 
  • Pim Pem Crab (កូនក្តាមពីមពើម), by Kem Lyheang 
  • Crawling Up the Trellis of a Pumpkin 
  • The Ghost in the Books (អារក្សក្នុងសៀវភៅ), by Kem Lyheang 
  • The Shade of a Big Tree 
  • Elephant Bridge (ជីវិតសត្វដំរី), by Jeffrey Potter 
  • Home (A Cambodian Story), by Sao Sreymao & Andy Gray

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