Seams of Change: Clothing and the Care of the Self in late 19th and 20th century Cambodia

by Chea Narin

The interviews of elderly Cambodians about their everyday lives and how traditions and modernity would combine.

Seams Of Change

Type: hardback

Publisher: Reyum Publishing

Edition: First edition. #36 at Angkor Database Library.

Published: December 2003

Author: Chea Narin

Pages: 295

ISBN: 1-58886-046-9

Languages : English, Khmer

Seams of Change is a collection of interviews with forty Cambodian women and men whose recollections stretch nearly a century, about everyday life in the late 19th till the 20th century that includes clothes, sewing methods, patterns and tools, hair and jewelry styles, and washing products for clothes and self care.

Tags: clothing, Cambodian daily life, selfcare, jewelry

About the Author

Chea Narin