Le site de Koh Ker et le regne de Jayavarman IV/ Koh Ker and Jayavarman IV

by Chanratana Chen

Probably the most complete study on Koh Ker and the reign of Jayavarman IV.


Type: paperback

Publisher: PAF (Presses Académiques Francophones)

Edition: Edition abrégée, 2015

Published: 2012

Author: Chanratana Chen

Pages: 596

ISBN: 978-3838189284

Language : French

The case of King Jayavarman IV leaving Angkor to establish his capital city some 120 km further to the east a Chok Gargyar (ancient name of Koh Ker) during twenty years (921-941) is not unprecedented: Jayvarman II also switched the center of his power between several cities.

Can we speak of an architectural 'Koh Ker style' -- reflected at Prasat Kravan near Angkor or at Prasat Neang Khmau in Takeo Province --? Why did the Khmer sovereign built such a large complex of temples and palaces in an area that remains to these days scarcely populated? What was the reasons behind the haste to erect an entire walled city in the span of only two decades? Why did his successor, Rajendravarman, decided around 944 to move back to Angkor? Such are some crucial questions this important study attempts to clarify.

Tags: Koh Ker, Khmer Empire, Jayavarman IV, capital cities

About the Author

Chen Chanratana33

Chanratana Chen

Dr Chen Chanratana, founder and president of the Kerdomnel Khmer Foundation, combines a notable academic cursus (graduate from Sorbonne University in Archeology & Arts, Professor at the Faculty of Archeology, Royal University of Fine Arts, Cambodia) with a career in media & communications, as a producer of educational and cultural programs for Southeast Asia Television (SEATV).

As an archaeologist, he has particularly worked on the Koh Ker sites, northeast of Angkor, and the quest for Khmer capital cities of the pre-Angkorean era.