Murder and Mayhem in 17th Century Cambodia

by Alfons van der Kraan

Type: Hardback

Publisher: Silkworm Books

Pages: 80

ISBN: 978-9749511626

Language : English

Despite its title evocative of a crime mystery, This book tells the story of the conflict from 1636 to 1645 between Cambodia and the Dutch East India Company (VOC), which has the dubious distinction of being history’s first conflict between a mainland Southeast Asian state and a European power. It affords a glimpse into the largely unknown period in Cambodian history between the fall of Angkor in the mid-fifteenth century and the arrival of the French in the late-nineteenth century.

Tags: Khmer Kings & Queens, colonization, commerce

About the Author

Portrait of Alfons   van der Kraan

Alfons van der Kraan

Senior Lecturer at the University of New England, NSW, Australia, Alfonso van der Kraan is the author of several historic monographs taking place in Cambodia and Indonesia.