Sosoro Museum Guidebook

Languages : English, French, Khmer

2019 - #64 at Angkor Database Library. - 87 pages - Hardback National Bank of Cambodia

The Cambodian Museum of Economy and Money is named after King Isanavarman I, the sovereign of Chenla, where it is supposed that the first forms of monetary instruments appeared in the region during the 7th century. The King's full honorific name is Sarakmunti Sethakech Rupreyvatho Preah Sri Isanavarman, hence the Khmer acronym SOSORO, and the institution is known as the SOSORO Museum.

Located near the Cambodia Securities Exchange and various buildings pertaining to the National Bank of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, the collections, virtual tours, multimedia installations, souvenir shop and cafeteria have been developed in a most historical building, the former "Municipalité" (Town Hall) of the capital city during the French rule.

From Funan and Chenla until our times, including the enigmatic "KIngdom Without Money" (the Angkor civilization), the museum allows to explore the economical and monetary history of Cambodia, exploring also the quite atypical monetary system that defines the Kingdom nowadays, where the US dollar and the national currency, Riel, coexist as monetary instruments. 



(Photos courtesy of SOSORO Museum)