The Oldest Verse Inscription in Khmer

by Trent Walker

Language : Khmer

2016 - 64 min.

Public lecture in Khmer, with English summary, delivered on 5 August, 2016, for Yosothor, Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Full title: "សិលាចារឹកភាសាខ្មែរចាស់ជាងគេដែលសរេសរជាពាក្យកាព្យ ៖ ទិន្នន័យថ្មីបានមកពីក្រាំងនិងសាស្ត្រាស្លឹករឹត The Oldest Verse Inscription in Khmer: New Evidence from Leporello and Palm-Leaf Manuscripts."

Includes samples of religious poetry recitation (smot).

About the Author

Trent Walker

Lecturer in religious studies at Stanford University with a PhD in Buddhist - Studies (University of California-Berkeley), Trent Walker is currently Director of Preservation and Lead Scholar of the Khmer Manuscript Heritage Project, Buddhist Digital Resource Center, aimed at digitizing over 10,000 palm-leaf and bark-paper manuscripts from Cambodia in Khmer, Pali, and Thai.

With a solid knowledge in Khmer, Lanna, Lao, Pali, Sanskrit, Siamese languagees, Trent Walker has published numerous essays on Theravada Buddhism and liturgical traditions of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, in particular the adaptations of Tipitaka, the corpus of Pali canon.

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