West Mebon, Temple and Lake

by École Française d´Extrême-Orient (EFEO)

Languages : English, French, Khmer

December 2020 - 77 min.

True to the spirit of archaeologist Pascal Royère, this documentary shows the intricate and huge teamwork behind a fascinating site, West Mebon Lake Temple.

A film by Didier Fassio, in collaboration with Maric Beaufeist, sponsored by PSL and EFEO. Photography by Christophe Loviny.

With comments by H.H. Phoeurng Sackona, Mrs Chau Sun Kerya, Mr. Hang Peou, Mr. Bruno Favel.

About the Author

École Française d´Extrême-Orient (EFEO)

The French School of the Far East (École française d'Extrême-Orient, abbreviated EFEO) was founded in 1900 with headquarters in Hanoi, in what was then French Indochina. After the independence of Vietnam, its headquarters were transferred to Phnom Penh in 1957, and to Paris in 1975.

Its main fields of research are archaeology, philology and the study of modern Asian societies. Since 1907, the EFEO has been in charge of conservation work at the archeological site of Angkor.

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