Amazing Cambodia

by Sokmean Srin

"An amazing way to connect to the past".


Author: Sokmean Srin

Launched in 2012 by a young Cambodian student passionate about the history of his country, this collection boasts some historical gems on Angkor, colonial and modern architecture, movie and music stars from different eras.

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-Collecting Cambodian historical images, music,films and other things and sharing them to everyone domestically and internationally.

-Guiding people, especially young generation, to see and to know how amazing their country was in the past as well as to be proud of being a Cambodian citizen.
-Assisting local people to recall momentous memories about past events
-Raising foreigners' awareness about Cambodian culture and history.
-Promoting Cambodia's reputation and popularity nationally and internationally.

In English and Khmer

Tags: history, Khmer culture, photography, movies, music, dance

About the Photographer


Sokmean Srin

Founder of Amazing Cambodia photo collection, with 60K followers on Facebook.