T'oung Pao online

First issues of the reputed 'Orientalist' journal launched in 1890 now accessible online

Toung Pao Vol1 1890

Published: 1890

T’oung Pao, 通報, Archives concernant l’histoire, les langues, la géographie et l’ethnographie de l’Asie orientale (Chine, Japon, Corée, Indo-Chine, Asie Centrale et Malaisie) [Tongbao or Archives for Use in the Study of the History, Languages, Geography, and Ethnography of East Asia [China, Japan, Korea, Indochina, Central Asia, and Malaysia], was the first international scientific journal for Orientalist and Chinese studies launched in 1890 by French sinologist Henri Cordier and Dutch scholar Gustaaf Schlegel.

Published by E.J. Brill in Leiden, the journal gathered contributions in French, English, German. Monographies and serialized books, such as Georges Maspero’s Le Royaume de Champa [The Kingdom of Champa] were commented from one issue to another, with critical commentaries and news about the international community of sinologists. 

Internet Archive has started to publish the journal online, with the support of University of Toronto.

Note: The journal, now called T’oung Pao, International Journal of Chinese studies, is still in existence. In 2021, the editors were Pierre-Étienne Will (Collège de France, Paris, France), Martin Kern (Princeton University, USA), and Paul W. Kroll (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA).

通報, Tongbao, means Messages” in Chinese.

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