Brapamsukulanisamsam and Symbolic Clothing

by Ginette Martini

Publication: Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient (BEFEO), Vol. 60, pp. 55-78

Published: 1973

Pages: 25

Language : French

This fascinating study brings us to one of the most sacred elements of Indochina funerary rites, the scrapped garments that Buddhist monks wear in accordance to the Buddhist principle of 'anicca', impermanence.

The author gives us the full Pali text of this most sacred invocation, with a translation into French. How meaningful can be the choice of wearing rags...

Photo: funerary urn of the Enlightened Sangharaja of theThommayutt Order, Phnom Penh, 1966 (photo Madeleine Giteau)

Tags: funerary rites, Pali, Khmer religion, clothing, symbols, Buddhism, linguistics

About the Author

Ginette Martini

Distinguished linguist and language historian, Ginette Martini (also Ginette Martini-Terral or Terral-Martini) extensively studied Khmer scriptures and traditions.

She was married to the linguist Francois Martini.