New findings on 11th-Century Buriram Iron Furnaces

The group of Khmer sanctuaries in the Buriram Province of Thailand has been shortlisted to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Buriram Furnaces Excavation 2021

Publication: PimThai Online

Published: March 30th, 2021

Pages: 1

Language : Thai

Report on recent excavation of the Khok Khi Lek archaeological site in Buriram province, where the remains of iron smelting furnaces are dated to the 11th century and thought to be related to the nearby Khmer temples of Phanom Rung, Plai Bat and Muang Tam.

Original title: กรมศิลปากรเดินหน้าโครงการศึกษาขุดค้นโบราณคดี “กลุ่มเทวสถานปราสาทพนมรุ้งฯ” สู่มรดกโลก

Tags: Buriram, iron, furnaces, Khmer Empire