Portrait of King Jayavarman VII

by Sophorn Vern

Publication: Angkor National Museum Bulletin, vol. 3, pp 4-7

Published: October 2012

Pages: 4

Language : English

"From a preliminary study, one might conclude that in his representative statues, King Jayavarman VII probably appeared in two forms, one as the human form (before being crowned as a king and during the sovereign life), and another one associated with the Lord Buddha and Boddhisattva Lokesvara."

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Tags: Jayavarman VII, King Jayavarman VII, Queens & Kings of Cambodia, chronology, Khmer dynasties

About the Author

Portrait of Sophorn   Vern

Sophorn Vern

Vern Sophorn (5 Jul. 1975) is a researcher in Khmer studies and the Curator of Angkor National Museum, Siem Reap, since 2010.

A graduate in Archaeology from RUFA in 2000, he completed his postgraduate degree in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology at Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, India. He also joined the Indian Center for Research and Training in History, Archaeology and Palaeo-environment (with a Dr. A.P. Khatri Award), the Indraprastha Museum of Arts and Archaeology, and the Indian Archaeological Society, New Delhi.

After working eight years on the World Heritage site of Angkor as an archaeologist (in particular on Ta Prhom site) and social researcher for APSARA Authority, he was appointed Curator of Angkor National Museum, giving numerous lectures and tours for Cambodian students and international visitors.


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