Alfred Meynard

Portrait of Alfred   Meynard

Alfred Meynard (11 Sep 1881, Marseille, France — 12 June 1951, France) was a French publicist and writer close to Ecole francaise d’Extreme-Orient (EFEO), a contributor to Courrier ďHaiphong, L’Avenir du Tonkin (of which he was editor-in-chief) , La Revue indochinoise and Extrême-Asie, covering several events in French Indochina, including the coronation of King Monivong in Phnom Penh, 1928.

He worked for several years in the French civil administration, serving as Governor-General Klobukowski’s press secretary and chief inspector of Indochina Commercial Services, attached to French legations in Bangkok and Yunnanfou, before devoting all his time to reporting and writing. 

Always more attracted to Asian cultures and philosophies, he wrote an essay on Tibetan Buddhist figure Milarepa, and explored the cultural exchanges between East and West. In his obituary, Louis Malleret described Meynard as one of the best writers of Indochina.” (“Alfred Meynard (18811951)”, BEFEO 46 N°1, 1952. pp. 323 – 326.)