Darryl Leon Collins

Portrait of Darryl Leon  Collins

An art teacher and curator in Australia, with a Master of Arts from the Australian University in Canberra and two years at the Department of Fine Arts and Languages Studies at Sophia University (Tokyo), Darryl Collins (1947, Adelaide, Australia -- 25 Apr 2023, Siem Reap, Cambodia) had been living and writing in Cambodia for three decades.

In 2004, he started the Collection Inventory Project as a Cultural consultant for the National Museum of Cambodia. In 2002, he authored with Helen Grant Ross and Hok Sokol the book "Building Cambodia: New Khmer Architecture (1953-1970)", which remains a reference for architects and architecture lovers.

Darryl Collins also actively contributed in the restoration of several emblematic houses around Cambodia, including the Hanchey House in Siem Reap and the 'Chinese House' in Phnom Penh. He also completed a vast study on Khmer traditional wooden houses, released in Feb. 2022.

Khmer Times Obituary.