Dawn F. Rooney

Portrait of Dawn  F.  Rooney

Dr. Dawn F. Rooney is an art historian and independent scholar specialising in Southeast Asia. She is the author of nine books and numerous articles on Asian art, including Angkor: An Introduction to the Temples (1994), Angkor Observed (2001) and The Beauty of Fired Clay: Ceramics of Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Thailand (1997). She is also a fellow of the Royal Gepographical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society, has lectured at art societies and museums in Asia, England and America and has acted as guest lecturer on tours to China, Southeast Asia and Vietnam. 

Appointed to the Board of Directors for the Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) in January 2009, Dawn Rooney has made over seventy-five trips to Angkor since her first visit in 1969 and divides her time between residences in Bangkok, London and San Francisco.