Frédéric Gas-Faucher

Frédéric Gas-Faucher (1876, Marseille, France - 25 Feb. 1939, Marseille) was a French educator traveler whose relation of Cambodia in the 1910s, En sampan sur les lacs d'Angkor et du Cambodge (1922), has been consistently quoted and referred to.

From his book, we know that his interest for Cambodia and Indochina bagun in 1907, when he visited the Marseilles Exposition Universelle and was introduced to King Sisowath I and his entourage. He often refers to "Monsieur Outrey", without further elaboration, the latter possibly being Ernest Outrey (1863, Constantinople - 1934, Paris), Résident-Général in Phnomh Penh from 1910 to 1914, or more probably Maxime Outrey (1864, Miliana, Algeria -?), Ernest's cousin, an archaelogist and administrator who had first served in Indochina in the 1880s, the French official in charge of liasing with King Sisowath on behalf of the Ministry of Colonies and a supervisor of Angkor in the 1910s.

He was also close to Félix-Gaspard Faraut, using several of the latter's drawings in his book.

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