Harriett Winifred Ponder

Portrait of Harriett Winifred  Ponder

H.W. Ponder (1883, Buckinghamshire UK — 1967, Brisbane Australia) was a reputed travel writer who wrote extensively on Cambodia, Java and the South Pacific. First published in 1936, her book about Angkor, Cambodian Glory, was almost as successful as the one by her American counterpart Helen Churchill Candee.

Through her career and personal interests, she befriended several female artists of her time, including the famous British contralto singer Clara Butt (18721936) — writing and publishing her autobiography in 1928 — and the Australian sculptor Daphne Mayo. 

In recognition of her original research work, and her contributions to geographical knowledge, H.W. Ponder became a Fellow of the London Royal Geographical Society. in her later years, she lived in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia), where she published several journalistic accounts.

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