George Groslier

George Groslier (1887-1945), the first child with French citizenship born in modern Cambodia, painter, novelist, historian, archaeologist, ethnologist, architect, photographer, founder and curator of the Cambodian National Museum, was the ultimate "Cambodian scholar"

While organizing the School of Cambodian Arts (nowadays the Royal University of Fine Arts) in the 1920s, he has extensively portrayed and studied the country, its people and its traditions, in his writings, paintings and erudite communications.

George Groslier died prisoner in a Japanese concentration camp when Japan -- although formerly an ally of Petain's French government -- occupied vast swaths of South East Asia. With wife Suzanne Poujade, he had three children, Nicole, Gilbert and Bernard-Philippe, the latter following his father's steps and becoming an eminent researcher in Cambodian archeology and history.

Four of his major books -- Cambodian Dancers, Ancient & ModernIn the Shadow of Angkor, Unknown Temples of Ancient CambodiaReturn to Clay, A Romance of Cambodia and Road of the Strong, A Romance of Cambodia -- have been translated into English and published by DatAsia Press.