Jules Lermina

Portrait of Jules    Lermina

Mystery novelist, libertarian pamphleteer, co-founder of the famous French periodical "La Revue Universelle", Jules Lermina (27 Mar 1839, Paris - 23 June 1915, Paris) wrote many Edgar Allan Poe-inspired novels, including Les Loups de Paris (Parisian Wolves, 1876, under the pseudonym of William Cobb), in which a bunch of aristocrats and a 'courtisane' seek after the mythical "Treasure of the Khmers".

A prolific writer, Lermina also composed a Dictionary of French 'argot' (slang), and was the editor-in-chief of several left-wing newspapers, being repeatedly arrested for his libertarian positions. His fiction works are replete with decadent symbolism, 'passionate magic', esoteric erotism (for instance in 'La Deux fois morte'), and a fascination-repulsion for the Far East.

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