Kim Chhay

Portrait of Kim   Chhay

Kim Chhay (1 Sept 1998, Phnom Penh) moved to Siem Reap in 2017, a step that encouraged him to further his taste (and skills) for photography.

While he has traveled around Southeast Asia — with Penang, Malaysia, as one of his favorite spots –, Kim remains focused on Cambodia’s traditions and specificity. A discreet observer of nature and culture, he gives us pictures that encompass history and strong feelings.

There is something musical in Kim’s photographs, and indeed he loves to sing, karaōke-style or even in a choir (Bella Voce). Fleeting, deeply poetic moments that convey a sense of anicca (impermanence), with hidden roots of history in his imaginary background.

In 2020, Kim contributed to the re-publication of Princess Rasmi Sobhana’s The Culinary Art of Cambodia’, an Angkor Database project.