L'Art de la cuisine cambodgienne | The Culinary Art of Cambodia

by Princess Rasmi Sobbhana Norodom

Type: Paperback

Publisher: United States Information Service, Phnom Penh

Published: 1960

Pages: 245

Languages : English, French

Initiated as a collection of cooking recipes for the young pupils of the Sutharot School in Phnom Penh, H.R.H. Princess Norodom Rasmi Sobhana's book became an important recension of traditional Cambodian cuisine. While Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian influences are noticeable, the core of Cambodian diet and culinary techniques can be traced back to the ancient history of the Kingdom.

The difference between "royal" and "popular" cuisines in Cambodia never came to be as marked as in Laotian or Thai traditions. The recipes detailed in this book reflect what Cambodians used to eat during centuries as a mostly agrarian society, with a significantly diverse diet where fish, vegetables and harvested leaves, seeds and roots were (and remain) essential.


Princess Rasmi Sobhana at the White House with President Kennedy in 1963 (JFK Archives)

  • King Sihanouk (who had been a student at the Sutharot School, where the author taught) used his aunt's book when he developed cooking as a hobby during his exile in China and North Korea in the 1980s. With another of his aunts, Princess Norodom Keth Kanyamom (also a daughter of King Sutharot's), the King explored traditional cuisine and even authored his own recipe, "Petits gateaux de banane au beurre de cacahuete et caramel" (Peanut butter and caramel flavored Banana Cakes).
  • In 2000, King Sihanouk prefaced the book The Cuisine of Cambodia by Bangkok-based author Nusara Thaitawat, which refers to Princess Rasmi Sobhana's recipe collection.
  • Gala dinners showcasing some of Princess Rasmi Sobhana's recipes have been held at the Shangri-La Hotel (Changchun, China) and The Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor (Siem Reap)


(Photos from King Norodom' Sihanouk's official website)


In May 2021, we published Princess Rasmi Sobbhana's culinary book in Khmer and English.

Tags: Khmer cuisine, social history, Cambodia Royal Family

About the Author

Portrait of Princess Rasmi Sobbhana   Norodom

Princess Rasmi Sobbhana Norodom

H.R.H. Princess Norodom Rasmi Sobhana (សម្តេចព្រះរាជកនិដ្ឋា នរោត្តម រស្មីសោភ័ណ្, Samdech Preah Reach Kanitha Norodom Reaksmey Sophoan in Khmer, Nov. 1898, Phnom Penh -1971, Phnom Penh), daughter of Prince Norodom Sutharot and Princess Norodom Phangangam, was the sister of King Norodom Suramarit, sister-in-law of Queen Kossamak of Cambodia and aunt of King Norodom Sihanouk.

Unmarried, she dedicated her life to social action, in particular the education and empowerment of young women in the Kingdom of Cambodia, as a teacher at Phnom Penh Sutharot School and as the author of two published books: Motifs décoratifs Khmers à l'usage de la broderie (1954) and L'Art de la cuisine cambodgienne (1960).

In 1995, H.R.H. Princess Norodom Ranaridh Marie created the Samdech Rasmi Sobbhana Women's Foundation, named after S.A.R. Princess Rasmi Sobhana. Initially a shelter for war orphans and refugee children on the Thai-Cambodian border, the Sobbhana Foundation opened three training centers helping young Cambodians to master traditional craft skills such as silk weaving, embroidery or wood carving.