Loup Durant

Portrait of Loup   Durant

Loup Durand (1933, Flassans-sur Issole, France - 18 April 1995, Paris) was a French crime and adventure writer who himself quite an adventurous life, traveling the world and working as barman, docker, flight attendant, interpreter, and as a reporter for UPI and The Washington Post, and published his first novel, La porte d'or, in 1967.

Author of numerous thrillers -- some under the pseudonyms "H. L. Dugall" and "Michaël Borgia" (with Pierre Rey) --, he found the material for his novel Jaraï (1980) in the real life of explorer, ethnographer and archaeologist Jean Boulbet. Cambodia is also the background of his Angkor Massacre.


  • La porte d'or, Fayard, 1967 (as H.L. Dugall)
  • Pirates et barbaresques en Méditerranée (1975)
  • Le Caïd (1976)
  • Un amour d'araignée (1976)
  • Jaraï (1980), reed. Kailash, 1998
  • Le seigneur des tempêtes (1982)
  • Porte de Kercabanac (1982), reed. as Les cavaliers aux yeux verts (1998)
  • The Angkor Massacre, English and French edition, W. Morton, New York, 1983
  • Daddy (1987), translated into English by J. Maxwell Brownjohn, Villard Books (1988) (later made into a comic book by René Follet, and turned into TV movie Entrusted (2003), directed by Gregor Lammle and featuring Klaus Maria Brandauer).
  • Le Jaguar (1989)
  • Le grand silence (1994)