Loup Durant

Portrait of Loup   Durant

Loup Durand (1933, Flassans-sur Issole, France — 18 April 1995, Paris) was a French crime and adventure writer who himself quite an adventurous life, traveling the world and working as barman, docker, flight attendant, interpreter, and as a reporter for UPI and The Washington Post, and published his first novel, La porte d’or, in 1967.

Author of numerous thrillers — some under the pseudonyms H. L. Dugall” and Michaël Borgia” (with Pierre Rey) –, he found the material for his novel Jaraï (1980) in the real life of explorer, ethnographer and archaeologist Jean Boulbet. Cambodia is also the background of his Angkor Massacre.


  • La porte d’or, Fayard, 1967 (as H.L. Dugall)
  • Pirates et barbaresques en Méditerranée (1975)
  • Le Caïd (1976)
  • Un amour d’araignée (1976)
  • Jaraï (1980), reed. Kailash, 1998
  • Le seigneur des tempêtes (1982)
  • Porte de Kercabanac (1982), reed. as Les cavaliers aux yeux verts (1998)
  • The Angkor Massacre, English and French edition, W. Morton, New York, 1983
  • Daddy (1987), translated into English by J. Maxwell Brownjohn, Villard Books (1988) (later made into a comic book by René Follet, and turned into TV movie Entrusted (2003), directed by Gregor Lammle and featuring Klaus Maria Brandauer).
  • Le Jaguar (1989)
  • Le grand silence (1994)