Martine de la Ferrière

Portrait of Martine    de la Ferrière

Martine de la Ferrière née Péronne (b. 1916 - Ile aux Moines, France) is a French writer who published several children's books, including the Zor Saga, a family autobiography (On n'a pas peur du noir, 2003) and a monography about her grandfather, the visual artist Jordie (Jordie et le sourire de Gaud, 2009).

In her 'Lettres du Cambodge', she recalls in a novelized form the three years she spent in Cambodia with her husband Jacques Gaultier de la Ferrière, who was to become a leading French diplomat, ambassador and France representative to the Atlantic Council. Jacques de la Ferriere was distinguished with the Royal Order of Cambodia in 1950, and later on with the Légion d'honneur.


Martine de la Ferrière during her stay in Cambodia.


Book signing in 2018, Ile aux Moines, Brittany (photo Telegramme de Brest)

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