Tansen Sen

Portrait of Tansen   Sen

Tansen Sen is the Director of the Center for Global Asia, NYU Shanghai, and a Global Network Professor with NYU (New York University, USA), specializing in Asian history and religions, India-China interactions, Indian Ocean connections, and Buddhism.

He is the author of Buddhism, Diplomacy, and Trade: The Realignment of Sino-Indian Relations, 6001400 (2003; 2016) and India, China, and the World: A Connected History (2017). He has co-authored (with Victor H. Mair) Traditional China in Asian and World History (2012) and edited Buddhism Across Asia: Networks of Material, Cultural and Intellectual Exchange (2014). He is currently working on a book about Zheng He’s maritime expeditions in the early fifteenth century and co-editing (with Engseng Ho) the Cambridge History of the Indian Ocean, volume 1.

A Professor of History at Baruch College, City University of New York, Tansen Sen has done extensive research in India, China, Japan, and Singapore, and was the founding head of the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Center in Singapore.

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