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A filmic summary of the history of Angkor and the Khmer Empire.

Zhou Daguan Recreating Angkor

Published: June 2017

Originally a Lost Worlds episode, this documentary mixes staged visualizations of 13th century Angkor (including a fetching Zhou Daguan impersonation and 3D images of supposed Angkor Thom urban landscape), interviews with renowned researchers such as Elizabeth Moore, Charles Higham, Christophe Pottier and Jacques Gaucher, NASA and Lidar footage, and the usual speculations around the decline and fall of the Khmer Empire.

Of note: Jacques Gaucher's hypothesis that the Angkorean water management system was "so sophisticated it might have become unsustainable".

Posted on YouTube by Timeline-World History TV Channel, this version is unfortunately lacking of credits -- director, producer, names of the interviewees, name of the actor impersonating Zhou Daguan...

Photo: Impersonation of Zhou Daguan while he was sojourning in Angkor (screenshot).

Tags: Khmer Empire, population, demographics, water management, decline and fall