CIK (Corpus des Inscriptions Khmeres) | Inventory of Khmer Inscriptions

The ongoing revision and expansion of the Inventory of Khmer Inscriptions within the CIK-EFEO Project

Cik Presentation Soutif K1268

Published: 2007

Since George Coedes initiated the inventory of Khmer inscriptions at the beginning of the 20th century, numerous revisions and additions have been added to the Khmer Epigraphic Corpus.

In 2021, researchers Dominique Soutif and Chloé Chollet revised and augmented the 2017 Inventory containing 1,360 entries (previously, 1,044 Khmer inscriptions had been identified and repertoried across Southeast Asia). The number of identified inscriptions now reaches 1,562, dating from the 5th to the 14th centuries.


A map of Khmer inscriptions found in Southeast Asia, by Pierre Pichard (CIK)

Photo: Rubbing for the Inscription K. 1268 on the front right leg of a lion sculpture from Preah Pithu (by Dominique Soutif)

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