KOD (Khmer Online Dictionary)

KOD has three types of Khmer dictionary (Khmer-Khmer, Khmer-English, and English-Khmer), witha full text search capability.

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The sources used by KOD developers:

  1. Khmer-Khmer Dictionary (Chuon Nath, 1967) Version 2 by Buddhist Institute of Cambodia, with 18,947 entries with 17,664 head words. Total word count in the dictionary: 1,312,732. See top most frequently used words.
  2. English-Khmer Dictionary : Babiloo Open Source Project, with 32,997 entries.
  3. Khmer-English Dictionary (Headley, 1997): SEAlang Library Khmer, captured 23,967 head words and 33,543 sub-entries
  4. Drupal Khmer Translation -- See Drupal --, with 3,594 entries. (Browse >>)
  5. Joomla Khmer Translation -- See Joomla --, with 918 entries. (Browse >>)
  6. English-Khmer Glossary -- Open Institute (Khmer Software Initiative), with 2,581 entries. (Browse >>)
  7. Khmer Proverb and Translation -- សុភាសិត និង ពាក្យស្លោក (ខ្មែរ - អន្តរជាតិ) ដោយ គុជ ច័ន្ទលី, with 1,437 proverbs and translations. (Browse >>) (converted the original text from Khmer legacy font to Unicode using Khmer Converter 1.5.)
  8. Khmer Proverb Translation by Khmer Institute (http://www.khmerinstitute.org), with 300 entries.(Browse >>)
  9. Civil Code 2007 Glossary, with 215 entries (Browse >>)
  10. Khmer Oldies Song Data -- Data mainly from Mietophoum production and other sources (3,191 entries), lyrics being segmented using dictionary-based maximum matching algorithm (Browse >>)

An interesting feature is the Search by Topics, in particular with a glossary of vegetables, herbs and cooking spices in Khmer-English.

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