Taobaberocks: Taoism, I Ching, Vietnamese and SEA stories

From divination to 'dragon bloodline' to Ancient Viet Archaeology, a profuse, unpredictable and stimulating spring of thoughts, insights and musings.

Tao babe cover

Published: 2020

Languages : English, Chinese, Vietnamese

How the ancient and secret martial art of Vietnam was born in the 40 Sacred Mountains bordering Cambodia and Vietnam; how do you recognize 'the avatar of a taobabe'? ; what is the 'autoimmune disease of the spiritual kind'? ; what can we learn from Champa ruins? And more...

The intellectual (and often hilarious) explorations of a young Vietnamese woman transplanted to the US of A : Taobabe.

Tags: martial arts, divination, sorcery, Vietnam, taoism, Southeast Asia, blogs, trending, history, archaeology-related